Beehive pendant

I had a vision of what the new interior decoration would look like and it involved a giant pendant.  So I went and got a giant pendant from the Uttermost Store. It was beautiful. The only problem was, our ceiling is too low – 2 meters and 4 centimetres. The pendant had a 35 centimetre height and 55 diameter. That’s excluding the  rod. As you can imagine  it didn’t work out.  I tried to live with the mistake for weeks until I saw this Beehive pendant from Artek. I fell in love. I thought it was perfect since I am also into gardening and the outdoors. I could bring my love of the outdoors indoors.

This pendant was designed in 1953 and manufactured by Artek – a company Aalto founded himself. This is also known as Artek’s A331.

My husband wasn’t too sold on it the first time I showed the photo of it from the Net. But when he saw it after it was installed by the electrician, he fell in love with it too. I bought it from this fabulous furniture importer-retailer called Anibou at 726 Bourke St Redfern, NSW Sydney.

How the Beehive pendant looks like installed.
This is what the Beehive pendant looks like when lit up at night.

It is truly mesmerising. What’s so special about the pendant is that you can stare at it without your eyes suffering from the glare. It’s actually quite nice to look at in person.

This is the lounge room at night.

I was surprised by how old this design is. It was designed by Finnish architect and furniture designer Alvar Aalto in 1953. He had it in his own home.

Alvar Aalto’s residence in Helsinki, Finland. I would have loved to put down the pendant lower the way it is shown in this photo, but I am not bold enough to do it.

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