Bitten by the art bug

I have always appreciated beautiful things, but my journey to recognising art in most of the things around me started with the floor at home. It was after I finally got sick of the old carpet. When I say sick, it wasn’t just figuratively, but also literally! I was constantly having hay fever and was in and out of my eye doctor’s office due to eye irritation caused by dust mites. You know what it’s like with carpet. It doesn’t matter how often you vacuum or clean it, you can’t get rid of dirt completely once it has settled in. So I just had to campaign for replacing of the old carpet to a new flooring. Thank goodness we ended up getting timber hardwood floors. Whew! 

We almost had tiles (gasp!) installed. I dunno, but I always thought I would replace the carpet with tiles since tiles seemed such low maintenance compared to timber flooring. For one thing, I wouldn’t have to worry about spilling liquid over tiles. But I’m so glad that after weighing all the pros and cons, I decided on timber hardwood floors. It was less of a hassle to install and looks like a work of art.

I have to thank the fact that there is particle board subfloor underneath the old carpet, which meant it is not ideal for tile installation. One tiler said it is doable, but complicated. However, two tilers suggested that we go timber hardwood floors instead. Now tilers recommending I install timber floors instead says a lot. I would have been stupid not to listen! Initially, I was disappointed since I was worried about the cost.

It turns out the difference in the cost of installing timber hardwood floors wasn’t going to be that much compared to installing tiles. Well, not really. If my husband reads that statement, he’d say I’m rounding it off to the cheapest figure again. Timber hardwood floors are dearer except when you think about the fact that you won’t have to spend on retiling the broken tiles ever again, then you are saving thousands.

The fun part was choosing the type of hardwood floor. It wasn’t that hard. I fell in love with Spotted Gum as soon as I saw it. It is absolutely beautiful and versatile. It looks so natural too. There is no mistaking it for those engineered products that are available nowadays. My husband said the grains and pattern reminds him of Aboriginal artworks. I also considered Turpentine, but decided it was too dark and would make the rooms look small.

The guys at Sydney Flooring at Chipping Norton were very friendly and accomodating. They didn’t think I was crazy with all my questions. And believe me, I had a lot!

Unfortunately (or fortunately for me!), after the timber floors were installed, our old furniture looked shabby. So we had to get rid of them as soon as possible since my husband couldn’t stand them anymore. It didn’t matter to him that we didn’t have a sofa to sit on.  Now I was left with the task of filling up the empty space with new furniture. My life was so tough for a few months, indeed! 🙂

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