New furnishings

Here is the result of months of deliberation and canvassing for the right furniture that we thought would go with the new floor. We had to go far and wide all over Sydney to find the furniture shop that had what we wanted.

After living in the house with very little furniture, my husband and I began to appreciate living with less. It is easier to clean and maintain. So we decided to go for the Nordic/Scandinavian look. They are known for their minimalist style – simple yet functional.

The updated look of the house.

We specifically chose pieces of furniture that have legs. I like the fact that it is easier to vacuum underneath (you gotta think ahead) and appreciate that the timber hardwood floors are exposed and can breath (long live timber floors!).

I love white and chose mostly white furnishings. I also love black though so I have a few accessories in black, but didn’t want it to dominate the colour scheme.

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