Pendant Lamp by Jørn Utzon

I am so obsessed with pendant lighting. I find an opportunity to put one whenever I see a potential spot in the house.  I am now focused on using smaller pendants since the giant pendant I bought was almost a disaster. I found another pendant from Anibou shop, which is simple yet elegant.  It is called U336 Pendant Lamp by Artek. It was designed by no less than the Sydney Opera House architect Jørn Utzon in 1946 when he was still employed as an architect by finish architect Alvar Aalto.

Pendant lamp designed by Utzon. It looks very similar to the Sydney Opera House.

As in the Beehive pendant, my husband didn’t like it at first when I showed the photo to him online, but loved it as soon as he saw the simple and minimalist design in person. He said he loves looking at it lit up at night. Hmmm…I’m starting to think his standard response is to my suggestions is “nah…”. Good thing I am very persistent.

Utzon’s design. It’s hard to believe I own something that was designed by a legend.

I couldn’t put the lighting rod any longer because the spot was near an access door and people could bump into the pendant while passing through. That’s just part of compromising when you want a pendant just about every where.

A simple yet elegant design. It is a masterpiece.


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